Solo Ads

So what is a solo ad?

Some of you may be totally new to internet marketing and really
do not even know what a solo ad even is.

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement that is sent out to an entire or 
portion of someone else email list, you usually pay for this ad by the 
click, meaning you buy so many guaranteed clicks (visitors).

Solo ads have been a practice for all successful internet marketers and
have been around for years. This still remains one of the fastest ways
to build your own email marketing list, and your income.

To start, you just need to create your email swipe (this is what all
the solo ad providers will be sending to their lists) to get as many 

subscribers as you can handle to your squeeze page.

Here's a list of Best Solo Ad Services I've found:

1. -- Send Your Ad To 88 Sites

2 - Send your ad to 42,550 Members.

3. - Send your Ad to 200,000 Members.

4. Leased Ad Space.

5. Rent-a-list - Solo Ad Service. Watch Vedio Below To Learn More.
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Udimi - One of The Best Solo Ad Service. Watch  Vedio Below for More Details.

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                                            More Will Be Added Soon...

What is Traffic Exchanges?
A traffic Exchange is an advertising Site dedicated to helping its members advertise their own websites and offers based on a credit system. All members receive credits for viewing others websites in exchange for views of their own offers. By utilizing a traffic exchange you gain more exposure for your web offers by viewing other peoples websites. Hence the word "exchange". Most will give you free credits for signing up and surfing usually around 25 sites to completely activate your account.

If you would like to learn more on how to use traffic exchange effectively, watch video tutorial by Verlinda Sweeting. You can check out her YouTube Channel HERE for more tutorials.

Recommended TE Builders

Listed below are links to some of the best Traffic Exchange Builders I use and recommend:

Recommended TE Rewards

Listed below are links to some of the best Traffic Exchange Reward Sites I use and recommend. These reward sites give away free cash, prizes, points, free traffic  and much more, for participating in certain Traffic Exchange Sites.


Become A SafeList Expert.

Here are some tools I've used that help me
to get tons of free traffic from safelist.

If you are not familiar with Safelist Marketing, I highly recommend you
get Jerry Lannucci's FREE eBook. His eBook will give you basic
training on how to effectively use safelist to get tons of traffic to 
your website. Click here to download Jerry's eBook.

I also highly recommend you watch Darren Olander Video on 
Dominate List Builders. He gives great tips on How to Use Safelist. 
Great for internet Newbies and even Advance Users.

Click below to watch video:

However, if you're already familiar with Safelist Marketing and you
are looking for tools that will save you tons of time and money in 
regards to Safe List Marketing, here is a list of my Top 3 Safelist 
tools I've used below to gain lots of traffic. 

Click Here To Join Viral Mailer   

Click Here To Join Referral Frenzy

Click Here To Mailer ninja

These tools have proven to bring me signups to my online business. I hope

you find these tools useful too.

My name is Carletta. I create this blog for those who are looking for quality website traffic. 
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Therefore, I have put together a list of the best traffic sources on this blog.  You are welcome to use any of the traffic sources I recommend.  

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