A very unique concept that works!

Everyone needs more traffic but not everyone has the time or resources to get it. The Downliner has been designed to be the most user friendly site for cooperative traffic and you can have your sites showing in hundreds of exchanges for less than the price of a monthly upgrade in one exchange.

I have been working with a website that is absolutely innovative in their marketing methods. Its is a very unique type of cooperative where every member helps every other member. 

We all promote one link and earn credits for displaying other members offers. Those credits are then used to display our own ads.

The traffic comes from everywhere online. Some of the highest quality websites such as blogs and forums are delivering ads via banner clicks. Others, like myself, are sending out safelist emails.

The Downliner has been set up to be one of the easiest traffic systems online today and even earns you commissions on all your referrals.
So instead of joining over 6875 traffic exchanges, safelists and PTCs just join The Downliner and add your link. What could be simpler?

Click Here and create a free account.

The Downliner - The Ultimate Cooperative

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