How To Succeed With Free Advertising Sites


5 Things You MUST DO to Succeed
With Free Advertising Sites
Jason Wise

By no means are the 5 things listed below everything you need to do to succeed with free advertising sites, but you must do at least these 5 things in my opinion. I have been using these sites for a long time and have had success in building lists and downlines in multiple programs by doing these 5 things. It should only take you a few minutes to go through this list. If you want more tips and advice on using free advertising sites watch the video at the bottom where I walk you through step by step (including creating a new gmail account) how to sign up for one of the most active advertising sites online and show you how to get up to $300 in advertising to promote your sites! If you are busy, make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back and read it when you have time as this is MUST Read information for all users of free advertising sites.

1. You MUST understand how to use the sites you join

Most of the free advertising sites you see online are similar but each of them usually has something about them that make them different and by not taking the time to learn about these differences you will probably be missing out on advertising or other benefits. Sending a solo email is great and may be the reason you signed up for a free advertising site, but if the site offers banners and text ads for free and you do not take the time to set those up you will be missing out on more free advertising.

Many sites even offer other benefits like free pro upgrades for being active that come with more benefits for you. By taking the time to learn about the site you can multiply your advertising many times over at some sites.

Some sites will just be cut and dry and not have anything to offer you. You will be able to tell in a few minutes of looking around the site if there is more to the site.

Some sites also give you the opportunity to turn off emails from other members to your inbox so you can read them on the site instead. If you do not take the time to go through the site you may not see this and get frustrated with the emails you are getting and delete your account and all the bonus advertising you would have gotten by staying a member.

If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask. Many owners handle support themselves and will be happy to help you. You will also be able to gauge the way the site is ran by the kind of answer you get from your questions.

To recap the first thing you MUST DO, always take a few minutes to learn about any sites you take the time to join so you do not miss out on anything.

2. You MUST learn to NOT Hate Email

I love email. I love going through the messages from mailers and seeing what the hot program of the week is. I love getting new ideas on how to word my ads to grab attention. If I see a subject line that grabs my attention, it will probably grab the attention of others so I may use that subject to craft my own using the same style etc. Since I am always scrolling through my emails I also get lots of free advertising from new sites that are launching that I would miss out on if everything went to a junk email somewhere.

When signing up for a newsletter or a free report etc. You should always use an email that you will check. Give the sender of the email a chance. You will know if they are going to spam you with new offers every week or if they truly are trying to help you. By using a junk email that you just use to confirm your address, you are probably missing out on some tips and advice that could help you be a success. All reputable emails will have a link at the bottom of the email where you can unsubscribe if you start getting emails that you do not feel will help you.

As a site owner, the number one reason that I have seen that people quit the site is because of email. The reason that advertising is FREE is because you are able to send your ads to other members who agree to receive your emails so you will receive theirs. Nobody wins if everyone is using an email that they will never look at.

By using a junk email and never looking at the email or by not learning how to filter your emails you are probably missing out on lots of bonus advertising.

Many owners send promo codes to their members through email. By using an email that you have no plans to look at you will never see these promo codes so you will miss out on them. Some sites also send their commission and referral notifications via email and that means you could be getting referrals and if you do not look at your email you will never know this. I have well over 20 people at my site that have received random referrals that upgraded, earning these members REAL CASH that they can have sent to them, but since they are using a junk email (eg. IWILLNEVERLOOKATTHISJUNKEMAILACCOUNT they do not know they have earned commissions.

Filtering email through Gmail is easy to do. Watch the video below to see how I set a filter to send solo emails to one folder so emails from admin are still sent to my normal inbox where I can see them. The way you filter is up to you. You could have one folder for each site or a folder set up for ads and one for admin emails etc. Yes, you may still get an ad or 2 in the admin folder even with rules but you will have a much better chance of seeing the emails from the owner of the site that usually contains information to help you succeed. You can also edit and tweak the filters to get them to work exactly how you want them to. I suggest checking them after the first week or two of running to make sure everything is being filtered correctly. As you will see in the video, you can also filter messages to forward emails that you want to see (new referral, commissions etc.) to your primary email. Taking the time to watch this video and learning how to filter can save you lots of time in the long run. With filters, you can regain control of your inbox and decide when you want to look at credit emails and still see important emails.

3. You MUST use tracking to know what is working

To be a success online, you must know where your signups, sales, prospects etc. are coming from. Most sites offer a way to track your signups. For example, at FreeAdvertisingForYou, you can add a t= to the end of your referral links to know where your signups are coming from. If you start getting signups from a site you will know where that signup came from and are not constantly guessing. This helps you weed out sites that are not performing so you can concentrate on ones that are. If you send out to 20 sites multiple times and only get signups from 5 of them. Shelf the other sites for a few weeks and try a few more new ones that you have not used yet. There is no use to keep sending to a site where you may not be getting any clicks or signups. You can also try different types at ads in your tracking to see if that influences your signups. You can add t=SOTAMGetFreeSolos as an example. This would tell you that your signups came from SOTAM using a subject line of Get Free Solos. Or however you want to use it.

Tracking is used everywhere. When you click on a link and see a long link in the browser, that is tracking. If all the successful businesses in the world are using it to know where to promote and advertise, it must be because it works.

There are also tracking services that you can use. Like everything in life, if you spend a little you can get more robust tracking.

The important thing is that you are using something to track where the visitors and signups are coming from so you are not spending time. As you get more experienced in tracking you will be able to craft ads that you know work and then you will be able to increase your advertising budget to increase your profits.

4. You MUST run your sites like a real business

Every successful person in life starts at the bottom. There really is no easy way to online riches that anyone has discovered yet. The big difference with running a business online compared to a brick and mortar business is that you do not need to invest a large amount of money to get started. You can start with 0 dollars and work your way up to an ongoing income, but it takes time and patience. You have to create a goal for YOUR business and then do everything in your power to reach that goal. I suggest setting up multiple goals that involve different aspects of your business. These could include things like getting 1 new referral in your main program each month, learning how to create a splash page, setting up a blog etc. When you start treating your online activity like a business and not a hobby you will be on the fast track to success.

Like all businesses, you should have a budget and be willing to invest back into your business to help it grow. Being able to advertise for free is great and you should take advantage of all the free advertising you can get. When you find an advertising site that works, taking an upgrade or buying credits is a good investment in your business. If you know that you get good results when you mail every 7 days and by upgrading you can mail every 3 days that is a good investment in your business. I have seen members start as free members of sites and promote the site to earn commissions and then invest those earnings in an upgrade. Since you usually earn more commissions with upgraded memberships it is a choice if you want to lose those higher commissions up front by not investing your own money at the beginning.

Many people make more money by promoting advertising sites then joining the latest 3 or 4 dollar a month program that promises big riches. Advertising is something that is always going to be needed and by promoting these sites and positioning yourself as a leader in the niche you can do very well. Of course, you will not be able to upgrade in every new site that comes out. By tracking and knowing what is working for you, you will be able to make better decisions on where to upgrade and what kind of advertising to spend your money on. Over time you will be able to tell if investing in a new advertising site is going to be worth it or not.

5. You MUST Be Consistent

Probably the most important tip you will read is that you need to be consistent. You have to decide what you want to accomplish and then do something every day to help you get there. When you get on your computer, do you have a plan on what you want to do? Or do you just go through your email and see if you have any new signups and look at Facebook for a while? Are you consistent in your advertising? Are you mailing to the top mailers every time you are allowed to and earning credits on the days you are not able to mail so you can mail as many people as possible? Do you even know when you mailed last?

Google has many free tools you can use to help your business. For example, I created a spreadsheet that has the logins of mailers I belong to and I have a column for when I emailed last and how many days between mailings so I know when I am able to mail again. Then I can open this sheet up, click on the links to open the site mail and move on to the next one. This helps me be consistent with my mailings, so I know I am not missing an opportunity to email. Below is what this looks like and it only take a few minutes to set up and keep on top of every day:

There are many more tips for success waiting for you in the members area of my site. Not only does this site give you tips for success, it also has the tools to help you succeed. By being an active member you can easily earn a pro membership here. You get over $300 in advertising to start you off so you can try it out without spending any money. There are several upgrade options if you want to invest in your business also.

I created a video to show you how easy it is to signup and set up your ads. From start to finish it takes about 10 minutes. I took an extra step and created a new gmail account which takes up some of the time in the video. If you are new to advertising sites or have trouble understanding how they work, I suggest watching this video to make your life easier. Below the video is a link to join the site if you would like to try it out for yourself.

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